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Limited Edition Books

Advances in the field of digital laser printing over the last decade have paved the way for a fresh new approach to publishing. The elaborate setting up required for traditional presses made short print runs uneconomic, meaning that books likely to sell fewer than a thousand or so copies rarely made it into print.

The current generation of digital print machines have high quality output, accurate colour and are capable of producing around 2000 full colour or black & white impressions per hour. From a publishing perspective, however, the greatest advance has been the ability to store electronic documents 'ready to print' on the machine itself.

The profound significance of this is, that books may now be produced economically on an 'on demand' basis at the touch of a button, either singly or in whatever numbers are required. Similar advancements in binding and finishing have made a reality of what was impractical to the publishers of yesteryear.

We are not a vanity publishing company, there is no minimum output although, obviously, with very short production runs the unit cost will be relatively higher.

Additionally, authors who have a stock of unsold books may apply to have these listed on our on-line store, a modest commission and handling fee would be payable on sales.